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Rash of California Drownings – Protecting Your Family

Drowning victim On one side of the argument, people argue that global warming is causing the recent California heat wave. On the other side of the coin, others say that the climate is constantly changing and shifting. Whatever the cause of this recent heat wave in the Golden State, one this is clear. When it gets hot, the effect is that people take their kids and themselves to swimming pools and beaches. Not everyone is as experienced at floatation and swimming however, and the more people in bodies of water, the more potential there is of becoming submerged and being unable to breathe. If the victim is not rescued quickly, they can breathe in water and become asphyxiated. If the drowning victim does not die, he or she can be left with brain...

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Hon. J. Gary Hastings Interview – Improving Civility in Plaintiff’s Bar With Inns of Court

His Honor, J. Gary Hastings Before I introduce Justice J. Gary Hastings, I am going to give you some depth and breadth into why this is such an important topic to me. On my journey to becoming a personal injury lawyer while attending the California State Bar Law Office Study Program, I worked in a warehouse, and also drove a car that only ran on three cylinders, with a lawn chair as the front seat. That car got to me to the law offices that I had worked in for free, or next to nothing for even the slightest opportunity to learn real world practice of the law. Getting taken seriously, or simply getting my foot in the door to get that opportunity, was next to impossible. Only pure tenacity, determination and luck got me my very first opportunities. At...

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Man Wins $600,000 in Car Accident Lawsuit

Ehline Law Firm PC secures a settlement for man involved in bad car accident. (Summary of Verdict/Settlement) Copyright (c) 2014 Personal Injury Warriors Superior Court, Los Angeles County, California. DOCKET NUMBER: N/A Case Name: Plaintiff Driver v. Defendant Company and Defendant Driver / Employee Court: Los Angeles Superior Court – Central District Case Type: Personal Injury – Auto Settlement : $600,000.00 Date of Settlement : March 14, 2014 Plaintiff Counsel: Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC View The Full Case +

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Woman Gets $142,500.00 for Limousine Fingertip Amputation

Ehline Law Firm Firm assists woman who is badly hurt while on a limousine bus due to a defective/poorly maintained ice chest. Synopsis: Woman suffers partial fingertip amputation on limousine wine tasting excursion/limousine party bus. DOCKET NUMBER: 30-2008-00114321 Case Name: DURAND v. XL TRANSPORTATION, INC., BLUE MOON LIMOUSINE, TURTLE TOP, INC., and DOES 1-50, Inclusive Court: Orange County Superior Court – Central Division Judge: Hon. Charles Margines Case Type: Personal Injury – Limousine Bus, fingertip amputation. Settlement : $142,500.00 Year of Settlement: 2010 Plaintiff’s Counsel: Michael Ehline, Esq. of Ehline Law Firm, PC View Full Case +

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Man Gets $1,000,000.00 Settlement From Los Angeles for Defective Traffic Signal

In the below case, handled by Ehline Law Firm PC, another client is benefited by tenacious representation. TOPIC: Synopsis: Man injures spine during Venice Beach intersection accident caused in part by defective Los Angeles City traffic signal. Government claim, passenger car accident, spinal fusion. Improper maintenance, failure to warn, catastrophic injuries. DOCKET NUMBER: SC 096872 c/w SC 095276 Case Name: Stein v. City of Los Angeles, et. al. Court: Los Angeles Superior Court – Beverly Hills Judge: Judge Lisa Hart Cole Case Type: Personal Injury – Auto, Government Claim/Negligence Maintenance/Dangerous Condition on Public Property Settlement : $1,000,000.00 Year of Settlement: 2009 Plaintiff Counsel: Michael Ehline of Ehline...

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