What to Do After a Car Accident

Helpful Tips in a Difficult Time

Battling the Dark SideIt’s often a matter of time. Car accidents occur every day across the country and can cause severe injury or even death. Make sure to memorize these tips so that when and if you are faced with a car accident you know what to do.

  1. Stay Calm. When faced with such an accident, make sure that you stay in the zone. Don’t become agitated and remain calm in the face of pressure. This can also help prevent accidents during crucial times.
  2. Protect Others. If you can assist your other passenger or passengers, do it. If you are struck, make sure that they are taken care of and attempt to assist the people in the other car. If you can, try to block off that part of the road to protect both vehicles.
  3. Trade Information. Make sure that you trade driver’s license and insurance information, as required by state law. Get as much information about the other people involved in the accident and as much information as you can about the scene. Write down and photograph as much as you can before you forget part or all of portions of the accident. Submit information to the CHP or other police on the scene. Keep your mouth shut as much as possible to ensure you don’t accidentally say something that is not corroborated by facts. When you get the report back from the police, ensure that you check it over for errors or oversights and notify the police.
  4. Seek Medical Care. Make sure that you are able to receive the prompt medical care that you need. Even if you feel okay, you might be acting off of adrenaline that it masking many other problems. This helps to create a medical baseline for doctors to look at and further treat you. This can also be vital in any potential legal cases.

There may be many agencies or people that played a role in causing the accident or not properly caring for you. Perhaps the most vital step is below in determining how to proceed.

Contact a Skilled Attorney

When faced with such an accident, make sure that you have legal representation. An attorney specialized in car accidents with the right experience will be able to make your case much stronger. PIW’s skilled attorneys understand the nuances of the state laws wherein they are based, and have argued in front of many courts in and out of the region. For more information or for a free consultation, please contact us by filling out the email form to the right or call us 24/7, or peruse the PIW membership directory for a local lawyer near you.