How Would You Know A Narcissist Around You And Deal With Him?

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In the world of personal injury law, to many it would seem big egos, being macho, and willingness to take risks is part of the quintessential model injury lawyer. It seems this particular field of law is famous for attracting some rather colorful personalities and even downright narcissists.

Narcissism is a word that defines a psychological behavior of a person in which he likes to take too much interest in himself and admires all that he himself does. Dealing with such a personality can be extremely difficult because you can never get your message across or make the narcissist know your point of view. In most cases, the narcissist will be so overpowering in imposing his way of thinking and concepts on you that you wouldn’t dare present your viewpoint in front of him. It’s best if you don’t meet one in your life. But what if you are caught with one?

The worst case is when you are stuck with a boss or have to work with or for a person who’s a narcissist. Unfortunately, in the world of personal injury law, there is a good chance a lawyer who fits this description reminds you of someone you work with now, or have worked with in the past.

Who knows, it could be your headaches and dealings with an ambulance chasing narcissist that made you decide to run for judge, get into family law, or even the reason you got out of law altogether! Jokes aside, if you’re not the most discerning person, here’s how you will know that the person you are with, working for or with is a narcissist.


Spotting The Narcissist

  • The narcissist will think that he looks attractive physically.
  • He would also think that he is better than others when it comes to intellect.
  • His happiness comes from being admired by the people. Whether you like him or not does not matter much to him.
  • Telling him that he is not attractive, beautiful or intelligent can make him furious.
  • Narcissist will have very short and many relationships with the opposite sex.
  • He would psychologically punish the person who would not agree to and support his viewpoint.
  • Snobbishness is one of their biggest qualities.
  • Their conceit often results in putting at halt the ongoing conversations.
  • Admiring the narcissist is the best strategy to have a successful relationship with him.
  • He won’t and won’t try to understand the viewpoint and feelings of others he meets.

It is said that narcissism comes in people either because they are neglected by their parents in their childhood or given more attention than needed. Parents giving more praise to one child and less to another can also become a reason for a person to become a narcissist.

The Easy Way To Deal With Narcissist

As mentioned above and advised repeatedly by experts, the best way to deal with a narcissist is to stay away from him. Keeping quiet and encouraging what the narcissist states is the best way to have a peaceful relation with the narcissist.

How A Lawyer Needs To Deal With A Narcissist

The first thing that a lawyer needs to do when dealing with a narcissist is to know that lawyer knows little and the narcissist knows better. This approach is going to help the lawyer a great deal in moving on in the conversation. Of course, the facts are opposite to this but the lawyer needs not to tell the narcissist about it. The lawyer should state clearly to the narcissist that his viewpoint is good and start the conversation from there.

Proper acknowledgement should be done to everything that narcissist says in order to make him believe that he has the control in the conversation. The lawyer should continuously state that he can see things the way the narcissist is seeing them. Lastly, whatever the narcissist says that might sound a bit harsh and sharp must not be taken personally by the lawyer. Of course, having learned all of this, you are probably ready to start your own practice and join Personal Injury Warriors International. What’s stopping you?