Does Hate for the President Trump The Law?

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President Trump laid out a well put together, nuanced approach to overseas travel. After a few bumps, the revised version headed to the courts is just what the country needs. It uses recent precedent, a true understanding of current immigration law, and means to enforce it.

Naturally, he’s been fought every step of the way. Unfortunately, there are many in the legal community and beyond simply blinded by their hate of the Commander in Chief than to give him any credit.

The New York Times reported on the upcoming case. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the executive order, even though there is no legal case to do so. In fact, the court even stated that they consider it permissible if Hillary Clinton forwarded it.

The restrictions on travel from six Muslim countries fully complies with current law. The Justice Department’s request likely means the case will hear the case during the summer and arguments in the fall. Furthermore, the court is likely to hear the case. However, it is unclear whether it will stay the lower courts’ orders.

Ban Follows Constitutional Norms

Left wing groups are fighting the travel changes more because President Trump and his administration requested them. The effort is similar to other countries’ restriction in war-torn areas. Consider that the order includes restrictions on travelers from places with issues. It includes four nations with active civil wars (Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen), one that just ended a civil war (Sudan), and another chief sponsor of terror (Iran). The backlash makes no sense.

Furthermore, restrictions on Syrian refugees makes so much more sense following the wave of violence sweeping across Europe. We elect our leaders for leadership, not vacillating on hard decisions. President Trump understands the stakes. His admin implemented a common sense approach to a complex and ever-changing problem. If only our judicial branch held its own. The United States’s future is a better and safer place.

We look forward to the Supreme Court’s decision. With Neil Gorsuch on the Court, the right decision is likely.