Tech Slowing as Expectations Rise

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Headlines blare about the self driving future of the automobile. However, the most info leaks out the more apparent it is that this future may take longer than anticipated. In fact, many consumers simply do not want to get into a car that they cannot control.

Bloomberg reported on a common situation. People just don’t want to get behind the wheel of one of these new vehicles.

The fears follow a number of high profile accidents involving self driving car models. The severe restrictions of the tech means that it is often well behind its publicized feats. In fact, in many cases these types of cars are simply not prepared for regular road use. Many consumers hope for the day their car will drive them to work. However, if current trends continue, that may be a reality in 30 to 50 years, rather than 3 to 5.

Furthermore, many of the top consumers, including Uber and Waymo are locked in a number of fractious wars over the development of such tech. This further delays its implementation. In some cases, it makes it even more dangerous. Recent polling showed that three-quarters of all Americans fearing the self-driving car. Those numbers should be headed down. At least, that’s what the industry wants you to think.

Further Out than Expected

Some of the major SDC companies have models that do not allow driver input. These are particularly dangerous and fear-inducing among drivers. For many regular commuters, they want to put their family in a vehicle they trust.

Self-driving cars are a bit of a paradox. They are a dream for many. Who doesn’t want to sleep on their way to work? However, a number of overstated promises, accidents, and other issues, make them a pipe dream for the long term.

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