Hermosa Beach Residents Had a Close Call. But Who Pays When Drivers Pass Out?

Who is Responsible after a Crash Following a Medical Emergency?

A crash earlier this month highlighted many of the fears of drivers of all stripes. Following an undisclosed medical emergency, a driver hit a car and crashed their vehicle into an apartment complex. Only good timing avoided some fatalities. In the aftermath of the crash, drivers must consider the limit of their liability.

The Daily Breeze covered the accident, which left one injured. Authorities did not identify the driver, who avoided major injuries. Fortunately for the residents of the apartment block, no one was in the apartment at the time. If they were there at the time, it would be a different story. In fact, the Chevrolet landed on the person’s bed!

See the Video of Car Crashed Through Apartments

The early morning crash happened after the driver suffered a medical emergency. Police said that the driver narrowly avoided an even worse crash on the way in. After hitting a vehicle, the motorist slammed the car into the building from the Pacific Coast Highway.

Who is Held Responsible?

Until more information comes out, the answer isn’t always clear. However, the info on the case so far does indicate at least some of the picture. There are some agencies and people that could be responsible. Part may be due to faulty maintenance on the car, which resulted in the driver losing control.

Furthermore, and more likely, is the medical angle. A person suffering a medical condition known to doctors could share liability. If the driver refused to take their meds, they could be at least partly on the hook. Poor diagnosis or medical errors may have also played a significant role in the crash. Also, faulty meds may also play a role. All of these add up to a complex picture.

We’ll be following this case as the data gets out. We’ll keep our readers up to date. This may be a case that further informs drivers of their rights and responsibilities on the road.