Law Offices of Jackson Phillips, Esquire, LLC

"We care more, work harder, and charge less.” The Law Offices of Jackson Phillips, Esquire, LLC (also “JPLaw”) is a general practice law firm that will begin taking clients on January 2, 2019. Jackson Phillips, Esquire (“Jackson”) is the CEO and sole proprietor behind JPLaw. Jackson is Licensed to practice in Delaware and Pennsylvania, and expects to be licensed in New Jersey before the conclusion of 2019. At that time, JPLaw will represent clients anywhere in the Tri-State area. Its core practice areas are personal injury law, family law, and civil litigation. However, Jackson provides a free consultation to any client for any matter. If he is not competent to take your case, he will attempt to find you the proper attorney, free-of-charge.\n\nJPLaw is a client-centered law firm whose first priority is winning individual cases and improving lives. However, JPLaw is also a strong advocate for “bringing law back to the people.” Delaware contingent fees often fall around 40% of the client’s recovery, but we have an absolute 25% cap. On average, an attorney makes $100 to $200 per hour in a small town, $200 to $400 per hour in a city, $756 per hour in New York City, and often well over $1,000 per hour in metropolitan areas across the nation. See Trends in Hourly Rates for Attorneys Across the United States by Virtual Paralegal Services at The Law Offices of Jackson Phillips, Esquire charges an average of $50 per hour and will never charge over $100 per hour. We issue an open challenge to other firms in the Tri-State area to follow our lead. People should be able to keep at least some of their paycheck.\n\nIn addition, 10% of our yearly profits will be split between the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (“AFSP”) and the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (“BBRF”). See details on

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  • Street: 1407 Woodlawn Avenue
  • Zip: 19806
  • City: Wilmington
  • State: Delaware
  • Country: United States


  • Phone: 3028937499
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.