DOCs, PDFs, XLS and More, Oh My!

There are so many different files types today. Some criss-cross between Windows and Mac while others will not work on the other platform. Some will open up easily on smartphones. Others will need proprietary info to do so. No matter what type of tablet or computer you run, here’s an opportunity to better understand some of the key elements of document creation and sharing.

We’ll give you a short rundown of some of the tools that you and your firm needs to easily convert documents. With these skills you will be able to transfer them to the court and to your clients and back!

Converting to PDF

One of the most needed skills out there is the ability to create PDF files. There’s several different ways to do this. Some include:

  • Photo to PDF. Can be done quite simply on your phone. The app CamScanner is available for both Apple and Android devices. You can take a photo of a document, auto center it and email it like a snap.
  • Google Docs. This one is perhaps the most versatile. Google Docs is a godsend no matter what type of office you run. The platform seamlessly works on your PC or on your phone. Use it to create documents as if it were done on a Microsoft product. This includes Excel, Word, and others. In fact, you can download and change out documents to the file type of your choice, including PDF.
  • Online converter. This one is very simple with the computer right in front of you. Simply go to a popular conversion site like WordtoPDF and use their handy guide.

We hope that these tips and tricks will ensure that you are able to get everything in the format you need it when you need it. Stay tuned for more info about how to make your office the talk of the town.

Michael Ehline is a leading personal injury attorney based out of Los Angeles. He writes these columns to help up and coming attorneys build practices that include client outreach and more.


Confidence in the Courtroom

How Learning Improv Gives Lawyers an Edge

The Many Ways of Learning in and out of the Courtroom

There are so many ways to become comfortable arguing a case. It might seem very difficult right now– and don’t get me wrong. It usually is from the beginning. There’s no shortcuts to being comfortable in your own skin. Combining the knowledge of law and your personality is a bit harder than it seems. However, with plenty of practice and some confidence, I know you can do it.

It took me a while to get to where I am now. A lot of practice, rehearsing, and memorization were all important. Of course, you also have to remember that your own success rides on how you present yourself in such a case. All of these play a major role.

Ways to be More Comfortable

Several ways that are often utilized mean you have to leave your comfort zone. In some cases, it might mean joining up with a local improve troupe. In others, it might mean trying your hand at stand up comedy. What is in common in both cases is the idea of becoming more comfortable with speaking in front of crowds. You know the old saying– practice, practice, practice.

Part of it has to do with trying out your hand repeating your arguments. You might be able to do this in a mirror or in front of your colleagues. Some times it means giving it a shot in your living room with your family. Regardless of your approach, with enough times you’ll soon become good at it.

Try these different means out for a whirl and see if they make any difference in your performance in court. Chances are, you’ll be happy you did.

Michael Ehline is the lead attorney in the Ehline Law Firm APLC. He is also a leading lobbyist for passenger safety in California and DC. He writes this column, aiding new attorneys on ways to make their firms more accessible to clients.


Outsourcing Clerical Issues in Your Firm? The Debate

Should You Hire a Virtual Paralegal?

Figuring Out the Office-Home Balance

We have all had those moments. Ultimately, when trying to balance a home life with the ever-increasing demands of your office, it can be really difficult at times. Running a modern law office is no walk in the park. There are so many demands and so many expectations of a young attorney. That is why many attorneys consider utilizing a virtual assistant to aid them in running their office.

Secretaries are still useful, as they always have been. However, virtual assistants can help take some of the workload off of their and your shoulders. In addition, there are several approaches. An attorney can use an automated system or outsourced to a real, live human on the other side of the phone.

Different Means

First, attorneys can contract with many of the other companies across the country that offer live clerical assistance. in most cases, such a service is much cheaper than utilizing a secretary. And in others, an attorney can stick with a particularly reliable assistant. Each of these have their advantages and disadvantages. In many cases, attorney still want a living, breathing person in their office.

In many cases attorneys want to save the extra money and take advantage of new tech. This can be done through using a virtual assistant that is computerized. We have all used Siri. There are ways to utilize these different forms to better serve your office. Such an assistant can take phone calls, provide messages, and provide auto responses. each of these can be a major time saver.

Consider each of these during your set up face as an attorney. Each one might lead you down the path you need to save time and money.

Michael Ehline is the head of the Ehline Law Firm, APLC. His firm fights for accident and injury victims across California. He writes this column to better serve new attorneys looking to make a difference in the world– and for their clients.


Should You Use Dictation Software?

Top Five Ways Lawyers Use Dictation Technology

Can Save Time and Money if Used Correctly

The modern office has so many different demands. Sometimes, the little yellow legal pad just can’t keep up. Whether you’re talking on your cell phone, texting a client, or writing up an Excel spreadsheet of this month’s operations, there is a lot to consider. Your office might have a thousand things going on at once and only one of you.

That is why you can easily use technology to your advantage, if you know what you’re doing. just in case you don’t, we are here to give you a handy guide on several different options you may use to get you there.

Means to Better Dictation

One of the key ways that you might do so is through dictation software. Dictation software has come a long way since the early 1990s versions which made more errors than correct guesses. As a matter of fact, I am using it right now to dictate what I am saying. It can be a major time-saver, especially if you were on the road a lot.

There are several different forms that you may use to get to what you need. In paragraph one is through Google Documents. Yes, that Google Docs. It might not be your first choice, or your first thought but Google has come a long way. Through its popular Google Docs platform, The savvy user is able to dictate what they say right from the comfort of their own phone or computer. And the best part is, it’s completely free.

There are other paid software versions that you can use. Each one has their own advantages and drawbacks. One of the main ones is Dragon Dictation. It all depends whether you would like to pay a one time fee or a monthly one. Most attorneys, and most users in general, do not want to pay anything for a service that is offered for free.

Each one offers its own unique usage style. For the user, here is a major opportunity to review some of the potential platforms for your office.

Michael Ehline is a leading auto accident injury attorney in California. He is the lead attorney at the Ehline Law Firm APLC and became an attorney through reading the law. He aims to make better attorneys through his columns fed by his own experience.