The Small Law Firm with the Big Reach

The Small Law Firm as You Make It Be

Your firm is too small to get anything done! You’re a new attorney without the experience to take on the big boys! Sure, you laid out a shingle but the doubt is holding you back. Who passed the bar but you? You went to 6-8 years of school and have a freshly minted JD. You have far more on your side than against it. Still, you believe that your firm is too small and new to do anything. Your doubt might be your biggest holdback.

Yeah, your firm is small. So what? Do you think the biggest law offices in the country didn’t start in a single room? Here’s your opportunity to make your firm into whatever you want and need it to be. You’ve trained this whole period and became specialized in a field or more. The power is in your hands, if you know how to use it.

Make the Small Office Roar

Your office isn’t small, it’s growing. You have a million possibilities, right in front of you. These include:

  • Flexibility. Your firm can respond to major changes in case law, trends, and tech. At each point the firm can reinvent itself.
  • The power of you. Your firm is often yourself or several key partners. Its growth and success is based on your work. Don’t put in the work? Don’t expect success. You can leverage your own strengths and personality to make your office the talk of the town.
  • Creating your own crew. You have the choice of who to have on your side. Choose a reliable secretary, legal aide, or paralegal for your firm. In many cases, the right secretary is worth their weight in gold. This often creates a brand for your office of reliability and approachability.
  • Consider each in your road to the top. It won’t be easy, but with the right approach it could be fun!

    Michael Ehline is a top consumer rights attorney and lobbyist. He writes these articles to better serve new attorneys and their clients.