Injury Firm Improvements for any Budget

Gary Dordick and Michael Ehline
Gary Dordick takes personal injury lawyer of the year 2017.
Tech and personal injury law in general, are both fickle fields. Just as soon as you update your security, IT, and other systems, they antiquate. So this is difficult enough for people with plenty of time and money on their hands. It’s a whole other level for attorneys and law firms. Communications remains a major instance needed for all offices’ growth. As a matter of fact, data security is one of the leading concerns of law offices and clients alike. We discuss actions firms take to improve all of the above.

Below we have several examples. If you have any additions, please send them to us.

Practical Steps for Any Firm

  • Establish a well-entrenched comm system. Remember whether or not your system is secure for 21st-century communications. Furthermore, with a more secure system, clients understand your seriously on the topic.
  • Embrace the cloud. Many cloud services are right in front of your face. Some, like Dropbox and Google Drive, offer free versions. Even the larger versions are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Drive ties in well with Google Docs and Gmail. For the small firm, it’s a win-win.
  • Improve your billing. There are some free accounting software options out there. Many smaller firms also utilize Excel and Google Sheets for their basic needs. Utilizing Quicken and other options reduce your reliance on CPAs and personal accountants.
  • Remembering your client base. Remember to tie together features that allow your quicker and better options for your clients. Some are tech savvy while others are not quite as much. Model your expansions on their needs and abilities. Some will be able to send you back scannable PDFs. Others won’t know what that means. So plan accordingly.
  • Michael Ehline is a Los Angeles based personal injury and auto accident expert. He writes this column as a means of assisting up and coming attorneys navigate their new field. Reach him at