Law Office of Roman Kuzmin & Associates, P.C.

Roman Kuzmin, Esq. has a broad range of experience in the legal profession. From representing financial powerhouses, including but not limited to Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank and Citizens Bank, to standing by clients as he worked for them in everyday matters such as real estate transactions as well as divorce and personal injury matters, Mr. Kuzmin has been successful. Since graduating from Hofstra University School of Law in 2006 and being admitted to practice law in the great State of New York in January of 2007, Mr. Kuzmin has put together a string of victories that would make any attorney proud of their work. His expertise in a wide-ranging field of experience leaves older attorneys envious.

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  • Street: 1123 Avenue Z
  • Zip: 11235
  • City: Brooklyn
  • State: NY
  • Country: United States


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