The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media in a Connected World

Business concept flat icons set of law and order judicial proceedings legal services police investigation infographic design elements vector illustration
Business concept flat icons set of law and order judicial proceedings legal services police investigation infographic design elements vector illustration

The world is rapidly changing, and getting smaller. For many prospective clients, the right attorney is one that can speak to them on many levels. Gone are the days where clients would just look on the side of a bus or the back of a phone book to determine who would represent their divorce, property, or personal injury issue. The magic of the internet has allowed citizens the chance to find out more about their advocates. Even a simple Google search can show a tremendous amount about an attorney’s professional and personal life.

Connectivity is a Double Edged Sword For Attorneys

The interconnectedness of the modern world has proved to be a double-edged sword for legal professionals. Those that have a profile filled with past dalliances and compromising photos could be judged for youthful indiscretions rather than their recent track record. Furthermore, older or out of the loop lawyers can find themselves without much of an internet presence at all. For many, there is nothing worse than finding no profile online or a blank gray profile picture as their own. Without search engine optimization or even a basic website, attorneys can find themselves without a web leg to stand on.

Presence and Professionalism

With such an opportunity, it is important to not just jump in haphazardly. Your firm and your record is a brand. Build your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, and more based on the image you best represent. Your professional focus can be on clear display with page after page of research and recent cases available with a simple click for prospective clients and partners. You have the opportunity to build a professional presence that attorneys thirty years ago would have killed for.

Many attorneys make the mistake of just posting anything that comes to mind, or not separating a personal from a professional Facebook page. A well crafted message is often done in consultation with the rest of your office or a social media specialist. Having your text prepared by a SEO consultant will also ensure a wider and deeper reach.

With such a wide net, you will be able to craft a reputation for professionalism. Using premier features of websites such as LinkedIn, you will be able to use your expertise to your advantage. LinkedIn Pulse is a great companion for your firm’s site and can be a sounding board for your musings on important changes in your field. Furthermore, it can act as a canvas to display your recent successes and research. Clients and colleagues can now appreciate the hard work you are putting in as a legal advocate– and the results you’re getting from such attention.

The above tips are not all-encompassing but a good start that you can see on my various profiles online.

Michael Ehline is a leading Los Angeles area personal injury attorney. His work assisting local organization and accident victims has won him many plaudits in the legal profession. A former Marine, Michael has helped hundreds of clients get results and wants to help give up and coming attorneys advice.