Severe Head Injuries in Football and Responsibility

Businessmen playing rugby aka U.S. Football, isolated in white
Businessmen playing rugby aka U.S. Football, isolated in white

Football in small towns can be a way of life. This sports pastime is a favorite among millions of Americans, played all the way from Pee Wee leagues to the NFL. While the sport is exceptionally popular to both watch and play, the risks that participating represent are not immediately obvious.

Open up a newspaper or read on the internet every week and you will see which NFL or college players are sidelined due to injury. You can read about many types of injury that the players and coaches expect to take on at some time in their career, including dislocated joints, ankle injuries, pulled or torn muscles, and others. These different injuries may be common, but some have a more severe and hidden side.

Head Trauma and Hard Hitting Tackles

The hard hitting tackles and falls caused by the sport also bring head trauma. Concussions are not rare at all in the game. However, the effects of repeated head trauma, usually concussions, has been far too understudied for far too long. The continued head injuries can lead to a potentially fatal disease such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. CTE is not always immediately obvious and can even be missed until death. This disease is sometimes seen due to issues with fine motor control that progressively gets worse, often mimicking ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

There are severe concerns about injuries to the nervous system in football. This can include severe head injuries and as far as paralysis. There is even concern that constant head trauma plays a role in a rash of domestic abuse in the sport.

Medical Diagnosis and Legal Help is Important

If any of these issues sound familiar and either you or a loved one played football at any level, you should contact a doctor immediately. These symptoms could develop into something that could get out of control. You should also contact a skilled liability and injury attorney to make sure that not only can you get the compensation to deal with medical bills, but create an example to properly warn football leagues to let their vulnerable players know what could happen when they play. Call PI Warrior for a free, no-pressure consultation today from one of our many members.