Seeking Restitution for Lyft Sexual Assault

Part of an Overarching Problem at the Rideshare Company

According to a recent lawsuit and a number of recent arrests, Lyft fosters an atmosphere of sexual harassment and worse. The rideshare company has a similar reputation surrounding sexual crimes as its counterpart Uber, whose drivers are arrested for sexual assault on a regular basis.

This news comes to us via the New York Post Its former users described the situation as a “sexual predator crisis.” Fourteen women from multiple states filed the lawsuit. Each one claims that their drivers sexually assaulted them. Each case happened since the beginning of 2018. According to the suit, Lyft does not do proper background checks on prospective drivers. This allows predators to slip through the cracks. Furthermore, the victims allege that the company allows accused drivers to continue working for them. In addition, the victims’ attorneys stated that they believe that Lyft has not properly reported the number of sexual assaults and even rape that happen on its watch.

The suit reads in part, “Lyft has made a concerted effort in the media, in litigation, and in criminal cases to hide and conceal the true extent of sexual assaults that occur in their vehicles.”

In one incident dated January 2018, Brittany Robinson, 33, claims she was raped in Tuscaloosa Alabama. In the suit, the driver offered to carry grocery bags into Robinson’s house, then raped her. Authorities did not prosecute the case. Lyft did not publicize it. In another case, Gladys Arce, age 40 claimed that a driver kidnapped her for hours. He then raped the mother of four and threatened further violence against her.

Seeking to be Made Whole

None of these situations are easy. None of them are acceptable. In every case, Lyft had a responsibility to keep their passengers safe. Lyft declined to do that. And now we see the results. Furthermore, stronger background checks and other actions may keep riders safe.

If you or a loved one suffered due to the actions of a Lyft driver, there is still time for justice. Contact the transport safety experts at the Ehline Law Firm APLC for more info. We will come anywhere in California to discuss your legal rights and options. We offer assistance from medical and other legal experts and do not ask for any money unless we recover for you.

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