Military Surgical Tech Forcible Touching Raises Questions

Vetted member of the Personal Injury Warriors Crew An Airman 1st Class is embroiled in a scandal after it became apparent that he forcibly touched three women. The Air Force Times is quoting a branch press release stating that Michael Lightsey touched the women “for purposes of sexual gratification.” All three of the women were undergoing procedures at the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center, part of the 59th Medical Wing. They were under the influence of anesthesia and found a man in blue scrubs groping them. One woman described the man as taking her hand to rub his genitals. Another testified that the man groped her breasts and sexually assaulter her with his fingers. All three women had similar accounts of such assault. Lightsey...

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Public Access to Essential Cruise Ship Safety Administration Increased with Passing of Legislation

Vetted member of the Personal Injury Warriors Crew New legislation passed will now require a numeric accounting of missing persons and applicable alleged crimes committed on cruise ships. This information is required to now be reported no matter what the investigation status of the incident. Congress passed the legislation in a bipartisan vote of the Coast Guard Re-authorization Bill, which includes the Cruise Passenger Protection Act (CPPA). This is one of several provisions for passenger safety. House Congresswoman Doris Matsui and Congressman Ted Poe co-sponsored the CPPA. Congresswoman Matsui stated the passing of the legislation is important for cruise ship victim advocates and for the millions of potential passengers now and in the...

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Fake Cosmetic Surgeons, Legal and Other Malpractice Claims

Cosmetic surgery has become a hot medical resource in recent years and changed the way medicine is developing in this area. What it has also done is change the medical professional specializing in these areas to exceptionally skilled and trained plastic surgeons, that are board certified. Now other physicians and medical professionals are joining in the cosmetic enhancement area of medicine without all of the professionalism the cosmetic surgeon has been educated. Sadly, these other medical professionals delve into questionable treatments such as liposuction in their offices, which they aren’t trained to do, whether it is the family doctor, dermatologist or internist. In the news we saw crazy stories about the Brazilian Butt lift case, where...

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