Will Affect U.S., World Sales


Mitsubishi Logo

Reuters reported that Mitsubishi lied about more vehicles than earlier reported. The company agreed to send about $1,000 to owners of its recent vehicles included in the scandal. Due to this, these makes include the Mirage and Outlander. The Wall Street Journal reported that the company has halted sales of eight models in Japan. U.S. models were also affected by the company’s malfeasance. But does it really matter in this age where the FBI allows Hillary Clinton to lie under oath and violate State Official record keeping laws with no consequences?

Automotive News reported on the company’s headquarters and one factory raided by the Japanese government. The scandal is growing further in Japan and show that the company’s attempts to quell the issue has not worked. Nissan purchased a large stake in the company in an attempt to further reduce risk, but these efforts so far have not worked. So far, politicians get away with it, but not taxpayers and businesses. Why not?

Continued Problems and Options for Consumers

What should U.S. consumers that purchased Mitsubishis do? There may be several options, but one is likely going to be a class-action lawsuit. Experienced auto liability experts, such as Ehline Law, will likely be among the first to challenge the multinational corporation. Consumers that were affected by Mitsubishi’s willful misleading should contact such experts as soon as possible. Such suits help to prevent future such incidents as well as compensate victims for these issues.

Mitsubishi is blaming its woes on lax management. This can explain some of the issues but not all. Some fuel economy estimates were off by almost 9%. It also showed how Mitsubishi has not modernized its compliance with policy, while other companies have. The further problems that Mitsubishi faces will not bode well for long term sales. A weakened reputation and damaged brand is difficult to come back from. Mitsubishi faced a multitude of problems before this scandal started and now has a deeper hole. How the company will come back from the scandal is anyone’s guess.