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Contracting herpes can be emotionally stressful. Also, it can be physically discomforting at times during the individual’s lifetime. Furthermore, they can have re-occurrences of physical pain continuously. But the emotional issues can persist for a lifetime. Still worse, this can be embarrassing and humiliating. Explaining it to future potential sexual partners is not easy. Simply put, it is something a single victim often struggles with.

Because of this, you may have to limit your ability in sex partners. So even your choice of spouse or friends with benefits becomes limited. Although you can take medications to put the condition into remission, it will never disappear. Hence, it is not a curable condition. Of particular concern, even during periods of remission, there may be symptoms.

Suing For Herpes Remains A Recent Phenomenon.

Until recently, most lawyers didn’t even really think that a victim could sue. Such victims like a boyfriend, girlfriend, or wife had unknown legal recourse. But now, courts say they do have rights to compensation. A few intelligent lawyers led the way. So now victims are suing more and more. Of course, some sexual behavior, including steroid abuse, is self-destructive. Of particular interest, that goes uncompensated.

Don’t expect money for diseases caught during sex in a public restroom. For example, if you contract Herpes while riding a Los Angeles Metro bus, you probably did not vet your sex partner(s). Conversely, porn workers may get covered for Herpes under California workman’s comp. They are even required to use condoms now. So naturally, California is losing the porn industry and many others. But despite crushing regulations, a few soft porn producers remain. So those few porn businesses that did not leave for Vegas are subject to CA employment laws.

Also, these sex workers have the right to sue defendants directly. So if you contracted Herpes from someone close to you, they might have concealed it. Hence, you may have several civil tort claims. Because of this, you may also have many criminal claims. So perhaps the State even has a criminal case against that defendant for battery. But it could be some other circumstances. Often it will be rife with amusing and embarrassing allegations. And these are listed in the charging document. So victims usually ask their names get alleged as a “DOE” victim or plaintiff. So don’t assume you will be a public spectacle. Instead, get a lawyer!

The Emotional Shock Of Being Diagnosed With An STD Like Herpes Is Transformational & Compensable

You have rights when people get infected with Herpes or other incurable STDs. So if you got infected by a sexual partner or spouse, you should read this. Civilly, they have the right to get compensated for expenses and emotional distress. Also, it may be possible they get awarded punitive damages. Passing on an STD to a sexual partner or spouse is something that cannot become undone. And often, it gets called “the gift that keeps on giving.”

The Personal Injury Warriors directory of lawyers provides expert legal representation for domestic torts. This torts mainly, it involves the transmission of STDs. So we assist victims unlawfully infected Herpes, HIV, invasions of privacy, and physical violence. Our seasoned lawyers will aggressively litigate on behalf of the client (spouse or partner). Also, anyone suffering irreparable harm is a potential victim. Hence, you’re a potential client if you contracted this from intentional or negligent acts.

Hence, when you have gotten hurt in this manner by someone else’s actions, you call us. Don’t continue to suffer emotional and physical distress, along with financial loss. You must contact the compassionate attorneys listed at Personal Injury Warriors. Why not discuss your case with one of our accomplished legal experts who are on our list? Trouble finding one. Go ahead and call PiWarriors toll-free at (424) 273-8758 now!

Domestic Tort Transmission Laws Can Become Complicated.

Domestic tort law’s foundation comes from old common law principles. So case law is still emerging to help modernize the legal principles. For legal actions to be successful, it takes a superior legal advocate. This expert can analyze and prepare a convincing claim. And the good news is there have been cases in California involving Herpes tort legal actions. Many have been successful. Also, there have been cases that were victorious in some other states.

These cases, in most instances, had unique circumstances and legal issues. But usually, each model does have exceptional circumstances. Hence, an experienced lawyer can define legal matters. So they can often make the case valid under domestic tort law. Most of all, this is what victims need to be triumphant in court.

The basic premise for cases that involve exceptional circumstances and legal concerns include:

  • In the State of California, domestic tort law actions have limited success. To be triumphant, the defendant must have had “constructive knowledge.” So defendants must have known their actions could cause harm to their sexual partner. Constructive knowledge means the person could pass a sexually transmitted disease. But they did not inform their partner or take precautions. So instead, the defendant had unprotected sex. So in this instance, the person passing Herpes or other STD can get held liable.
  • In the event of a marital tort, the defendant’s spouse does not have spousal immunity. So this means their partner can bring a lawsuit if they have gotten infected with Herpes. They can also sue for hepatitis C, HIV, or another sexually transmitted disease. They can also allege that harm gets caused due to an invasion of privacy, fraud, or violence.
  • However, a spouse has no legal duty to disclose adulterous activity to their spouse.
  • The same goes for individuals engaging in high-risk behavior. Also, this includes engaging in unprotected sex with multiple partners or prostitutes. These people have no duty to inform their sexual partners.

But if a person knows or should know they have an STD, they must notify or not have sex. In any event, our law firm will review all the evidence and facts of your case.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Herpe Transmission Injury Attorney

We will use our resources to build your case. Next, if necessary, we will litigate aggressively on your behalf. So why not contact the Personal Injury Warriors in San Francisco, Santa Monica, Torrance, San Diego, Los Angeles, or other locations? Discuss your case with one of our experienced Los Angeles, California, herpes tort attorneys. Try calling locally near Torrance at (424) 273-8758.

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