Child Loses Hand in Fireworks Mishap

Happy family at sunset
Happy family at sunset

Injuries to our kids are probably the single worst nightmare for a responsible parent. Living in a free society means we have dangerous freedoms.  At the end of the despot spectrum, we have peaceful slavery. Tempering the two means society as a whole must be taught civics and love of country at an early age.

When citizens are divided and trample their flag, laws are meaningless and selectively enforced. Instead, your right to life, liberty, and property become dependent upon political leanings of the judge, prosecutor, and jury. Parents cannot and should not cede their duty to rear responsible kids to the government that benefits from division and discontent politically.

When parents are on welfare and have never had a father to teach them the fear of God, there is a greater likelihood they too will rear up irresponsible children.

In this next story, we are left asking many questions. For example:

  • Aren’t fireworks illegal in California residential areas?
  • How did a nine-year-old girl get her hands on an illegal firework?
  • Where were her parents?

The story relates that a nine-year-old girl lost her left hand in a fireworks explosion in Compton, California. According to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, a nine-year-old girl was taken to a nearby hospital at approximately 12:30 p.m. Authorities said the girl was playing in the Burrell-MacDonald Park in the 2500 block of West Alondra Boulevard.

Sgt. Danial Tobin said the girl’s parents were in their home at the time a firework explosion injured their daughter. The parents heard the fireworks explode. When they went outside, they saw their daughter standing in the park with her left hand missing.  Their daughter was in shock.

Sgt. Tobin said the damage to the child’s hand was too extensive for anything to be done to repair it, and she lost fingers on her right hand. Authorities are investigating the fireworks explosion and contacting potential witnesses, but no so far no arrests. Strange the parents have not been arrested right? Perhaps this is part of the problem?

According to authorities deputies were not notified of the accident until a few hours after it occurred. Why would any reasonable person wait several hours to call for police help under these facts? When they arrived at the scene, the park was littered with firework debris that may or may not have been related to the mishap.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said nationally firework injuries rose to a 15 year high in 2015 with 11,900 people injured and treated in hospitals. Their data shows the most common injuries were to the fingers and hands. Their report shows eleven people died in firework accidents.

Compton permits the use of fireworks that are certified by the fire marshal as “safe and sane.” Sgt. Tobin said the trauma the nine-year-old suffered was caused by a firework that is illegal nationwide. He said fireworks permitted in Compton would not cause this type of injury unless they are modified.

Sounds like guns. For example, an AR15 is a standard semi-automatic rifle that functions just like any other rifle. But it can be altered to become an “assault rifle”, which is fully automatic. The explosives in fireworks can also make bombs.

In this case, the child got her hands on an explosive that blew her hand off. So far we don’t know if it was a firecracker or a modified firework. Who can she sue? Probably no one. But there is always the chance that her parents had a homeowner’s policy to provide some insurance coverage.

In any event, under California law negligence supervision of a child is a crime. Under these facts, it is unclear if the child was under the control of an adult. It sounds like anyone did not supervise the child. That being the case, the prosecutor will need to decide if it will arrest one of his or her constituents.

Will the child be better off with foster parents? Only time will tell. We feel for the child and hope that parents will take some time out to teach kids about the dangers present in life.