Wrong-way Crash on the 15 Freeway in the Cajon Pass – Liability & Damages

On November 19, 2022, an accident involving a wrong-way driver occurred on the 15 freeway in the Cajon Pass. Let’s explore the details of the incident with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Fiery Wrong-way Crash Results in One Dead and Others Injured in the Cajon Pass

According to the California Highway Patrol, the fatal wrong-way crash occurred at 1:13 AM when a person drove the wrong way on the southbound lanes of the 15 freeway. The police records show that a grey sedan drove at high speeds in the northbound center divider when the wrong-way crash occurred.

Wrong Way Driver Hits a Van in the Cajon Pass, Causing Fire, and Injuries

The wrong-way driver missed a few vehicles before it collided head-on with a van, sparking a fire in its engine.

Good samaritans started extinguishing the fire and helping the van’s occupants out of the vehicle before first responders arrived.

One Dead, Multiple Injured, California Highway Patrol Reports

Emergency crews pronounced the van driver dead. One passenger suffered critical injuries, while the others suffered minor injuries from the fatal wrong-way crash.

The authorities requested tractor-trailer combination tow trucks to tow the damaged van away while the southbound lanes on the 15 freeway remained closed, causing major traffic delays.  Lanes reopened on the southbound side of 15 freeway at 4:30 AM.

Who Is at Fault for the 15 Freeway Head-on Collision?

In the incident “wrong-way crash on the 15 freeway in the Cajon Pass”, the male driver of the gray sedan went the wrong way resulting in a deadly traffic collision between Oak Hill and Highway 138.

The driver was negligent for driving northbound on the southbound lane, a clear violation of traffic rules.

Under the law, the negligent gray sedan driver would be responsible for the accident.

However, since California follows pure comparative negligence rules, evidence of the van’s driver’s negligence could decrease damages.

Recoverable Damages in the 15 Freeway Deadly Crash

Filing a personal injury lawsuit by the surviving family member can help recover damages, which depends on the type and the severity of the injuries.

This could include medical bills, rehabilitation costs, property damages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, scarring and disfigurement, and many other damages.

Since the driver of the van died in the accident, the surviving family member can pursue damages in a wrongful death lawsuit, such as funeral and burial costs, future lost earnings, loss of financial support, and loss of consortium, among others.

In California, plaintiffs can also recover pain and suffering in a wrongful death suit.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help assess the case and determine the damages the victims can recover in the deadly accident.

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