Crash on freeway

Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing on Busy Highway – Incredible Story

Inhabitants of North Carolina were surprised at what a former Floridian Marine did to land a plane that was having issues.

Incredible Story of Inactive U.S. Marine Freeway Aviator!

Ultimate Navigation Through Auto Traffic. This article tells the full story about pilot Vincent, and not pilot”Vicent” Fraser (as reported in some news outlets.).

The Swain County Sheriff’s Office Shared the Video

After the Swain County sheriff’s office shared the shocking video on Facebook, hundreds of people were surprised at how Vincent Fraser, a clearly talented pilot, managed to make an emergency landing on a single-engine plane without hurting anyone.

The pilot Vincent Fraser was over a North Carolina highway, and this daring emergency landing over the power lines was one of the riskiest things to try with his father-in-law, who was also present.

People who saw the pilot flying the single-engine aircraft overhead were scared that he would be unable to land the small plane, but everything turned out alright in the end.

What the Pilot Said

The pilot Vincent Fraser did an outstanding job at getting the plane perfectly lined up, but not without some difficulty at first.

He said that he tried to handle the situation but with about a year’s worth of solo flying experience, the Marine veteran felt very scared when he was next to his father-in-law. In his mind, he ‘had to save Jeff,’ so he did everything he could to achieve that.

After leaving a property near Fontana Lake in Swain County, North Carolina, the pilot started experiencing problems. When he looked down, he saw ‘just all valleys,’ and noticed that he had to go through the power lines and into the highway to land.

Cochran, the Sheriff, said that it was ‘amazing,’ and one user wrote the same. The former Marine handled the incident with as little damage as possible, which was fantastic.

No Injured, Zero Incidents

The Marine veteran was immensely talented and he was able to land the plane on the highway even though there was traffic.

Authorities arrived quickly according to what Cochran wrote, but no one suffered injuries during the emergency landing.

The former Marine from Florida was just glad because he could fly without hurting his family, himself, or anyone else. However, Wink News quickly reported the incident on the highway, and everyone knew about this outstanding emergency landing.

Things Can Go Wrong Sometimes

Although nothing negative came out of Fraser, the former Marine from Florida, landing this plane on a highway, things don’t always happen like that.

Sometimes you might experience accidents even though the pilot tries their best to fly properly. If that occurs, getting expert help is ideal.

Firstly, you must guarantee you don’t have any injuries, and if you do, you have to get treatment for them before doing anything else. If the pilot had to land on a busy street with a lot of traffic, it’s more likely that someone was hurt. Thus, you must address that first.

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