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Building a Personal Relationship with Your Clients

Be a Person, Not Just an Attorney Lawyer Shark fishing for clients There are many things that people are looking for in an attorney. Often the phone call to a prospective lawyer only happens after a traumatic event and is buffeted by stress. When people are in such a vulnerable position it is important to make sure that the person feels comforted by a professional. Serious, confident leadership will be able to create the transition from serious legal issues to resolution. You client will be looking up to you in hopes that your experience and bedside manner will be able to repair their issue. Because of the means that the average person contacts an attorney or the complex series of issues a larger client would be looking for a lawyer, the...

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Technology and the Modern PI Attorney

Businesswoman lawyer using tablet pc computer outside in front of courthouse smiling happy looking at camera. Beautiful young mixed race Caucasian / Asian Chinese professional woman. Personal injury attorneys come in many shapes, sizes and forms. They hail from solo offices, to large firms, to “mills,” and the list goes on. One commonality with California injury lawyers, is that we all must endure Case Management Conferences, Court Ordered Mediation, Delay Reduction rules, and so on and so forth. Any edge or advantage to help a lawyer be in two places at once is always appreciated. In this piece we explore how the modern attorney cuts corners and shaves time with using practical technology.   Meeting Today’s Workplace...

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Developing an Active Management Style

Lawyers, partners and associates at law firm conference table You may have founded your law firm or act as one of the principle partners. Regardless of your position, the ability to use a place of leadership to form a coalescing strategy can be one of the most important parts of your legal career. This isn’t something that was tacked onto your J.D. or on the bar exam. Effective use of logistics and strategy can ensure the steady growth of your firm. Your role as a manager of others doubles with your self-management. Making sure that you are able to show a good example through a personal style or ethic is a powerful visage. Your own attention to detail and ability to work in varying situations will show your partners or employees that...

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Avoiding Poor Choices in Personal Injury Cases

PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM red Rubber Stamp over a white background. You may be young and hungry, aiming to make a mark in the daunting world of the legal profession. Just past the bar, you’re ready to change the world and put food on the able. However, many paths that may seem like shortcuts are instead common mistakes for attorneys, especially those that are less experienced. Jumping into any old personal injury case may seem tempting, but should only be done with the appropriate research and foresight. If you are considering taking on such a case that you are not specialized in, you may be risking your ethical standards and reputation– not to mention your client’s case. Stick to What You Know The more training and experience...

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Efficient Note Taking for PI Attorneys

By Michael Ehline – In any law firm, especially a high volume injury law office, one of the most common things is taking notes to determine what remains to be done and accumulated information on cases.  Many of us trial lawyers will turn to our law clerks and paralegals and delegate these tasks to them, and also dictate requests. I for one require my law clerks to keep a yellow legal pad with them at all times.  Most people are familiar with these legal pads, but more and more, the younger generation is turning to iPads and notebooks. But in a law office, at least for now, our paper files require paper notes. Typically, our notes are essential. In a legal setting designed to ultimately go to trial, it is mandatory for my team to document...

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