Man Gets $1,000,000.00 Settlement From Los Angeles for Defective Traffic Signal


In the below case, handled by Ehline Law Firm PC, another client is benefited by tenacious representation.

TOPIC: Synopsis: Man injures spine during Venice Beach intersection accident caused in part by defective Los Angeles City traffic signal. Government claim, passenger car accident, spinal fusion. Improper maintenance, failure to warn, catastrophic
DOCKET NUMBER: SC 096872 c/w SC 095276 Case Name: Stein v. City of Los Angeles, et. al.
Court: Los Angeles Superior Court – Beverly Hills Judge: Judge Lisa Hart Cole Case Type: Personal Injury – Auto, Government Claim/Negligence Maintenance/Dangerous Condition on Public Property Settlement : $1,000,000.00 Year of Settlement: 2009 Plaintiff Counsel: Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC, et al. Defense Counsel: Honey Lewis, Esq,, for City of Los Angeles, et al. Facts provided by Plaintiff:
On February 5, 2007, a work crew of the City of Los Angeles was constructing wheelchair access to the sidewalks at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Rose Avenue in the Venice section of the City of Los Angeles. In the course of excavating the sidewalks, the crew from the Bureau of Street Services damaged the cable that powered and controlled the traffic signals at this intersection.

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