Bus Accident Near LAX Leaves Injured Passengers

Bus Accident Near LAX Leaves Injured Passengers

On June 27, a shuttle commuter bus transporting passengers crashed near the Los Angeles international airport, colliding with a semi-truck near LAX.


Deadly Bus v. Semi Truck Near LAX – Read All About It

It was a serious bus accident since the vehicle was transporting more than 20 people. KTLA news report provided information about the crash, and El Segundo officials mentioned the bus clipped a parked truck when it was off-loading equipment.

In turn, the bus overturned. Consequently, the bus crash caused grave injuries to numerous people, including the driver, who needed to go to the hospital immediately.

The Bus Crash Left 20 People Injured

Officials and first responders had to extricate one of the passengers from the city bus and immediately transport them to the hospital, where they arrived in critical condition.

The driver of this vehicle and seven more people were hospitalized with severe injuries, making this bus accident case very grave since multiple victims were in serious danger. At the same time, three of those were in critical condition too.

Even though 13 other bus passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries, they did not need to go to the hospital like the rest. Officers are still investigating the cause of the crash.

What You Should Do After a Bus Accident

Bus accidents can be immensely serious and can completely change your life. Regardless of whether the vehicle is from a private bus company or a public one, all bus companies need to hire responsible drivers and guarantee the safety of all passengers.
Unfortunately, bus accident statistics show that in 2017 alone, there were over 200 devastating cases. Therefore, you must prepare yourself and know what to do if the worst happens.

A painful part of these statistics is that 40% of school buses were in accidents in the same year. There’s even more reason for you to understand what you should do if something like this happens. Here are the steps you must follow.

Call a Doctor

The first thing to do when you’re in a bus crash is to call a doctor or an ambulance. It’s essential that you do this even if you think you didn’t sustain any injuries since sometimes they might take some time to appear.

Only healthcare professionals can determine if the crash’s impact was enough to cause you some harm. Therefore, you should call an ambulance first.

If you’re in so much pain or distress that you can’t call an ambulance, don’t move. Wait for someone else to do it for you and professionals to help you.

Don’t Decline Medical Assistance

In some cases, someone else might call an ambulance, and paramedics might approach you to check if you have injuries. It would help if you never declined this assistance.

As the article mentioned before, even if you feel alright after the bus accident, you might not be able to spot the harm your body suffered.

If you’re already thinking about filing a bus accident lawsuit, with all the more reason, accept the medical help that paramedics offer at the scene.

Another essential tip bus accident victims should keep in mind is to visit their doctor after the accident, even if they only sustained minor injuries. When you’re considering hiring a bus accident attorney, this is imperative because you’ll need the reports that your chosen healthcare professional can give you.

Gather Evidence

Being in a Los Angeles bus accident is one of the worst situations someone can go through, and it’s grave for everyone involved, including bus drivers. On occasion, they might be some of the people who suffer the most harm.

However, since you’re in LA, it means you’re probably able to gather a lot of evidence at the scene, including information from witnesses. There are numerous people in the city, so bystanders might be able to help you and the other passengers.

If there are any eyewitnesses, ask them if they can give you their contact information, for example, their phone number, email, and name. As a bus accident victim, you’ll need evidence for your claim, so getting their help might be crucial for you to get a fair settlement from the insurance company.

Furthermore, you should try to take pictures and videos of the accident if you’re able to. Once the paramedics assist you, you might have the opportunity to move around and take photos, so do that since it can also help you in the future.

In some cases, you might be in too much pain to move or simply unable to move at all. If that happens, don’t force it and focus on what the healthcare professionals tell you to do.

Don’t Discuss Your Case with People

It’s imperative that you don’t discuss your case with other attorneys, private bus company representatives, defense attorneys, or insurance companies. Additionally, you shouldn’t post anything about it on social media.

When you’re gathering evidence along with your bus accident lawyer, you want to try to prove that this crash changed your life and left negative consequences. Therefore, you shouldn’t say anything that you later can’t take back.

Insurance companies in Los Angeles will also try to give you the least amount of money possible, so you should try to avoid giving out information about your case to guarantee that you’ll get the best outcome possible.

Get the Information from the Bus Driver

If you can move around and talk to people with no issue, you should try to get the information you can from the bus driver. Furthermore, you also need to collect the license plate number of the bus or buses involved and the company’s insurance details.

On occasions, bus drivers are negligent, and when that happens, you want to make sure that you have all the information you can to file your bus accident claim.

Once a bus accident occurs in Los Angeles or any other place in southern California, the law states that you deserve a fair settlement if the driver was negligent. This is one of the reasons why getting as much evidence as you can is essential – it can make you win your case if you get help from a knowledgeable expert like Michael Ehline.

Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer

The last step is to contact a bus accident lawyer. This is probably the most essential step of all since it’s what allows you to make sure you have the guidance you need when you file your case and try to get compensation for what you’re going through.

Bus accidents happen with more frequency than you might think, especially in Los Angeles. Although intercity buses accounted for 13% of the buses in crashes from 2007 to 2017, other types of vehicles might be involved, such as school buses or even tour buses.

Contacting a Los Angeles bus accident attorney is imperative if you’re in a crash. They know the law, and they can help you through the process since they’re the ones who understand the best actions and steps to take in those cases.

How to Pick the Ideal Lawyer

Choosing the best lawyer might be challenging when you’re in a bus accident because you’re probably confused and in pain. However, things can change when you get help from an experienced professional.

There are several tips you can keep in mind when looking for bus accident lawyers, and as a bus passenger, you must guarantee that the person you choose is prepared and willing to help you. Take a look at the following suggestions.

Consider All Your Options

There are numerous alternatives out there, and you should definitely pick the one that suits your needs the best. Nonetheless, before doing that, you must consider all your options.

Choosing rashly and acting out of impulse might look tempting when you’re confused and don’t know what to do, but it’s the opposite of what you should do. Instead, think things through.

Pick Someone Who Understands You

Client-attorney relationship is one of the essential aspects you should consider after you’re in a Los Angeles bus accident because you need to hire an attorney who understands what you’re going through and is willing to guide you through the process and passionately defend your case.

Michael Ehline, for example, is an ex-Marine, so he knows what it’s like to be committed to something. He has a passion for helping people and assisting them through the hardships of a legal claim, so he might be the ideal attorney to help you.

There are different law firm options out there, but Ehline Law Firm is unique, and it’s because of Michael Ehline. He makes everything different, and he is the first one to make sure that his clients feel understood and content.

Get a Free Consultation

After you pick a few alternatives, you should try to schedule an appointment with the attorneys you chose. You might quickly notice that there’s a difference between most lawyers and Michael Ehline since he is prepared to answer all your questions, empathize with you, and guide you in your path.

Getting a free consultation from various attorneys is a fantastic idea since it’s what allows you to determine if they are the professionals you should choose. Ehline Law Firm is characterized by offering top-notch aid to its clients, so hiring someone like Michael Ehline can be life-changing from the moment you have your first appointment.

Make sure you write down all the questions you have before you have your free case evaluation. If you sustained so many injuries that you’re too confused or in pain to talk to your lawyer, you can be present while someone else (like a loved one) asks the questions for you.

Bus Accidents Can Be Devastating

Being in a Los Angeles bus accident might mean you sustain minor or moderate injuries that don’t require special medical attention. Still, just like the seven people in critical condition in the LAX crash, that could also happen to you.

Regardless of whether your injuries are moderate or grave, you have the right to get help from bus accident lawyers who can guide you and recommend the best steps to take according to your case.

Taking a commuter or tour bus means you generally don’t worry about your safety, and you shouldn’t since drivers are responsible for guaranteeing your and the other passengers’ security. However, in some cases, people are negligent, which might lead you to get legal assistance.

You can file a claim when bus drivers or the bus company are negligent. Accident victims can get the compensation they deserve for spending money on medical expenses and doctor appointments. They can also get a settlement for the pain and suffering they’re going through.

Being in a Los Angeles bus accident can change your life, so you must guarantee that you hire the best lawyers to help you. Even though things might seem confusing and scary at first, the process is much smoother when you get expert help.

Contact Michael Ehline

After reading the full article and learning the devastating consequences of the Los Angeles accident near LAX, you might be scared of what can happen to you when you take the bus.

The most crucial thing to remember is that if you are in an accident, you should follow the steps you learned to guarantee your process is as smooth as possible. If you do, you have more chances of getting the desired outcomes.

Even though no lawyer can tell you exactly how things will play out for you, Michael Ehline is committed to helping all of his clients. If you contact him, you will get a passionate attorney who does everything he can to ensure you get a fair settlement.

The accident near LAX left a few injured people; if you were one of those, you might need expert help. At the same time, if you’ve been in a bus accident or want legal help from an experienced personal injury attorney, Michael Ehline is ready to help you with your case, guide you through the process, and answer any questions you have.